The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence play a horizontal role in an IoT World.

When we try to realize, which is the best way to understand how this amount of billions of devices connected, that the media is announcing in every corner of the internet, we need to understand and try to figure out this horizontal role of the Algorithm, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

It’s like to sell shovels not only to the gold rush but, as well, to gravediggers, soldiers digging trenches, gardeners, killers.

All the industry of manufacturers, services, traffic, civilian life, cities, food and goods, banks, health will drink in this source.

We have this unique chance to use this revolution to try to fix this world, having in mind that, when we look the facts, we (humankind) are always better than the in the past, and the advances until now were necessary, obviously not without damages.

Looking ahead, with this new tools and materials, combined with ML, IA, and Algorithms, the future is entirely open for a new humankind generation, more peaceful, prosperous, with the focus in cultural advancing and coexistence.

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Internet das Coisas

O IoT tem como objetivo permitir uma melhor relação entre o mundo físico (as coisas), o mundo biológico (nós) e o mundo digital (a computação).

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